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Myth: Food is Too Expensive to Eat Healthy

Imani Sankofa

Have you ever heard someone say, "Food is too expensive to eat healthy!" I hear this excuse all the time. However, I believe that's myth.

I took a trip to my local grocery store to test my theory.
This is what I learned. Here's how to eat healthy on a budget.
  1. Eliminate bad foods (i.e. red meats, junk food, soda, dairy products)
  2. Shop with the Sale 
  3. Shop in bulk 
  4. Shop in the outer perimeter of the store
  5. Use Coupons 
  6. Check the clearance section
You may also want to consider including periods of fasting and detoxing as part of your lifestyle.

Imani Sankofa / Author & Editor

As a result of working with Imani, women learn to reduce stress, release weight, and reconnect to life. Imani is looking to work with women who are interested in peace of mind, improved health, and creating a life they love.

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