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Does Lemon Juice Detox the Liver?

Imani Sankofa
Cleansing the liver is just as important as cleansing any other organ in the body. Some people focus heavily on colon cleansing not realizing that the liver needs cleansing too.

How the Liver Works

The liver regulates most chemical levels in the blood and excretes a product called bile, which helps to break down fats, preparing them for further digestion and absorption. All of the blood leaving the stomach and intestines passes through the liver. The liver processes this blood and breaks down the nutrients and drugs in the blood into forms that are easier to use for the rest of the body.

One great method of cleansing the liver is by using lemon juice. Lemon juice is high in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant. When the liver removes certain contaminants from the blood stream it converts them to free radicals. Antioxidants neutralize the effects of the free radicals. The liver sees the food as contaminates and filters the food out. Food particles even minute particles should not be in the bloodstream. However, improving digestion relieves the liver of this filtering process.

How to Detox the Liver

Simply add freshly squeezed lemon juice to a glass of warm water and sip it at least one hour before eating your first meal. This will help your stomach digest food and prevent undigested food from entering the blood stream also known as leaky gut.

There are many variations of mixing a liver flush. You can also mix lemon juice with olive oil, castor oil, cayenne, kyolic and Epsom salt.

Queen Afua's Kidney Liver Flush
2 tbsp extra virgin oil
2 tbsp castor oil
12 drops kyolic
lemon juice (1 lemon)
8 oz warm water
pinch of cayenne

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Imani Sankofa / Author & Editor

As a result of working with Imani, women learn to reduce stress, release weight, and reconnect to life. Imani is looking to work with women who are interested in peace of mind, improved health, and creating a life they love.

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