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Spoken Affirmations to Enhance Health

Imani Sankofa
An affirmation is a positive statement you can use to keep your mind focused on creating an outcome you desire. So many of us, by default, tend to focus instead on what we don't want. If you'll take a moment to observe that "little voice" in the back of your head, you may find that you do it sometimes, too. Today, we'll look specifically at the use of spoken affirmations to enhance desired health outcomes.

Any number of health outcomes have at their core a particular set of healthy lifestyle practices. Things like eating modest portions of healthy foods, getting some exercise, getting enough restful sleep, and thinking about yourself with kindness and compassion are all practices that create health and well-being. You probably know this already. But perhaps, like many of us, you sometimes let other things get in the way.

Let's explore the use of spoken affirmations -- really quite easy to put into practice -- as a way to stay focused on creating a lifestyle that supports your health. Today, we'll consider three different ways to use spoken affirmations.

1. Situational Affirmations This is perhaps one of the most user-friendly places to begin. Let's say you have identified a recurring situation in which you're likely to get off track. For Sandy, a former coaching client of mine, it was a regular potluck get-together with her girlfriends. They'd each bring something really yummy and everyone would eat more than they needed. Sandy wanted to continue attending the events (because they were fun!), but maintain more control over what she ate when she got there.

Step one, of course, was making sure that her own contribution was something she would be happy to eat. Perhaps a salad, or a veggie-rich soup or casserole. But she also needed a trick to keep her mind on track. Sandy came up with an affirmation something like this one, "I am easily satisfied with healthy, delicious choices." She'd repeat the affirmation out loud as she was driving to the event, and then keep it in mind while she was there. Sandy learned that she could enjoy an evening out with friends and still feel good about herself afterward, as long as she kept her own true desires in mind.

2. State of Being Affirmations Sometimes you need a more general "fix." Something to provide an umbrella of guidance in changing conditions. To alert and guide you when you really don't know what you'll be called on to do in achieving your goal. In this case, creating a powerful state of being can be just the trick. From a powerful state, you make powerful choices. It's as easy as that!

The word "state" refers to "how you are." Much as the element water can occur in a state of solid, liquid, or gas, the element you can occur in any number of states. Some will be more effective at accomplishing your goals than others. If you're exploring a newfound health consciousness, consider states like "vitality, wellness, energy, wholeness, resilience, forgiveness, or fitness." Pick one, two, or three words that express the state you're becoming. Each morning, each evening, and anytime you need the reminder, infuse your thoughts with a phrase like this one: "I am wholeness, vitality, and resilience."

3. Mirror Affirmations Pick this one up when you need a major shift in your health consciousness. The most effective way to use this affirmation style is in privacy, standing in front of a full length mirror. Look yourself right in the eye. Have a little conversation with yourself. It will go something like this, "Scott (use your own name), I really love you. I approve of you. Your natural state is health, and you're becoming healthier every day. You can be anything you set your mind and heart to. You're becoming the best you possible, starting right now! You're a cool dude!"

Having taken that first step, of course, you can "refresh" your consciousness in a washroom mirror, your car, or even using a pocket mirror. You can also pick a single phrase to repeat frequently, such Louise Hay's well-known affirmation, "I love and believe in myself."

Regardless of the format, keep these two things in mind. The affirmation you use should always be stated in the first person, using the word "I" or your first name. It should also represent the world you're creating and moving into, as opposed to stating what you don't want. "I contribute joy to those around me" is a much more effective affirmation than "I've stopped being critical of others."

Love and believe in yourself. Remind yourself often. You're worth it!

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Elizabeth Eckert coaxes, cajoles, and gently guides the creation of healing intent. She's the founder of and author of Word Cures: How to Keep Stupid Excuses From Sabotaging Your Health. Align your whole self for health ... starting today! Share "Arielle's" real-life success story and optimize your own natural healing energy.

Imani Sankofa / Author & Editor

As a result of working with Imani, women learn to reduce stress, release weight, and reconnect to life. Imani is looking to work with women who are interested in peace of mind, improved health, and creating a life they love.

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