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Fruit Fasting for Health and Weight Loss

Imani Sankofa
One good option for weight loss, especially for those who want to eat a healthy diet even while they lose weight, is a fruit fast. During a fruit fast, dieters generally eat and drink nothing but fresh fruit and freshly squeezed fruit juices. By eating fruit, dieters get all the nutrients their bodies need to be healthy, but cut most of the fats out of their diet.

The human body was actually created to be fueled with fruits and vegetables. Consider the beginning of the human race as told in the Christian Bible. God created Adam and Eve, and placed them in a garden where there was nothing to eat but fruits and vegetables. There were no meats or animal products in their diet. If humans originally were created for a diet of fruits and vegetables, wouldn't it make sense that this diet is still good for today's humans?
Many of the benefits of a juice fast are also present in a fruit fast. Those who follow a juice fast do so in order for their digestive tract to get a rest from its work of digesting food. Like a juice fast, a fruit fast still allows the digestive tract to get somewhat of a break because fruits are one of the easiest solid foods to digest. In fact, most fruit digestion does not occur in the stomach, but in the small intestines.
Like a juice fast, fruit fasts also provide a great deal of the vitamins and minerals your body needs to function properly. Fresh fruits also pack a massive punch of vitamin C which will help your immune system work at its best. Be sure, however, that you stick to fresh fruits. Canned or bottled fruits have often had preservatives added. These fruits may also have undergone heat treatment to help kill bacteria and lengthen their self life. While these processes do make the fruits last longer, they also kill a great deal of the vitamins present in fresh fruit. Organically grown fruits are actually the best choice for a fruit fast because they are grown using no artificial fertilizers or pesticides.
Fruit fasts are also good for weight loss because you can eat all of the fruit you want while on the diet. Most people are more likely to stick to a diet if they don't feel hungry all the time and this is a point where a fruit fast shines. You can eat a lot of fruit without consuming many calories. In fact, you can snack on fruits nearly all day long and still not eat the number of calories contained in one meal at a fast food restaurant.
Another benefit of a fruit fast is that the body converts the sugar in fruit directly into glucose. Glucose is the main food of the brain. By keeping your brain will fed, you won't feel the "fogginess" or lack of concentration you often get with a water only fast.
If you want to lose weight, but don't like the dizziness and light headedness that comes along with a water only diet, you might want to try a fruit fast. This diet will give your body the fuel it needs to keep going, but still allows you to lose weight.

If you're determined to follow through with fasting I recommend using the Master Cleanse. If you're the type of person who can commit a few days to the Master Cleanse you'll find your body rejuvenated and your whole outlook on life lifted.

Imani Sankofa / Author & Editor

As a result of working with Imani, women learn to reduce stress, release weight, and reconnect to life. Imani is looking to work with women who are interested in peace of mind, improved health, and creating a life they love.

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